"Where you are is not necessarily where you ought to be; step out of the realm​ of self incarceration and be free."

Step Out!

Hey! I am Renee.  I am the founder of Out Tha Box, LLC. Out Tha Box focuses on teaching and imparting hope, inspiration, and encouragement for building a positive holistic self. I believe a healthy horizontal and vertical relationship is most important for navigating through life.

I am the mother of three, and grandmother of one. My relentlessness has allowed me to be victorious after having experienced years of sexual abuse including incest and molestation. My past experiences consist of single parenting, divorce, homelessness, miscarriage/abortions, family, substance abuse, health challenges, suicide attempts and other major life challenges which also include surviving domestic violence and the death of my oldest child.

"Pick up the pieces, you can still be a beautiful picture."

Renee is a Licensed Ordained Minister who obtained her Bachelors of Social Work from Coppin State University and Associates Degree in Ecclesiastical Studies from Philadelphia Bible Institute. Her professional background includes but is not limited to over 20 plus combined years in counseling, teaching, customer service and various human relations capacities. She has also been active in influencing and servicing “at-risk youth” between the ages of 14-21, displaced homemakers, and individuals with physical/emotional/mental disabilities. Renee has spent years building the moral-spiritual character and communications skills of others via workshops, motivational/inspirational speaking engagements, and one-on-one life coaching. She connects with others and delivers content that they can use for immediate life application.

Renee is also a published author. She has inspired, encouraged, and imparted hope, wisdom, and love to all who she comes in contact with. She has released two books, “A Minute To Think About It (2013)” and “Silent Screams (2015)”. Her writings are from her core belief that, “Where you are is not necessarily where you ought to be; step out of the realm of self-incarceration and be free –Step Out Tha Box.” In addition to her academic and professional experiences, Renee uses her gifts as a songstress, poet, and actress. She is dropping her debut single, “Destiny” on March 23, which will be available for download on all major music streaming apps. Her full CD, “Rebirth Renee” will be available Summer 2018.